What Do You Know About Restorations

Marble Rehabilitation

Marble restoration is the process of returning a temporarily damaged marble floor to its original undamaged state. Different marble stones have different patterns and color shades and therefore many people use them for purposes of flooring and sometimes bathroom walls, which makes it necessary that whenever any damage occurs to it, steps of making sure it is returned to its initial form are taken so that it does not undergo permanent damage. Many people prefer marble to other flooring materials just because of its ease to polish and therefore making it all beautiful and getting its glamour back again and therefore it is good to make sure that its maintenance is given priority.

A marble floor or wall, despite being very resistant to damage may undergo different degrees of damage which require different solutions in restoring to its required state. In the case where a marble floor has over time become rough and non uniform, grinding can be used in making sure that the floor is restored to a more uniform layout. When a marble floor gets scratched, it will lose its beauty and glamour and to make it look beautiful again, polishing using a very hard material such as diamond will ensure that the scratches are scrapped off making the surface as shinny as it was before damage. In a situation where the marble tiles have completely broken into completely separate but considerably sizeable pieces, the pieces can be bound back together using an adhesive then allowed to harden and returned on the floor, but in cases where the pieces are small, the whole marble tile should be replaced. It is also common place to find small holes on the surface of the marble tile and in the event of a renovation process, the holes can be refilled by putting in an epoxy material that is a similar color to that of the tile and then the chips that got out be placed back in to fill the holes.

A crack can also occur on a marble floor thus requiring repairing which will be accomplished by filling it using a vinyl patching compound that will fill up the crack and cover up evidence of its occurrence. Marble floors are also susceptible to scuff marks which are black streaks that are left on the floor by some items in the house like furniture, ladders and hard soled shoes. The final process in marble restoration is crystallization which brings mirror like shine by chemical reaction on the surface of marble.

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