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The Basics of Log Homes To start with, you must be familiar with the various types of log homes existing today. Log homes come in various sizes and shapes. Log homes are also made up of various types of logs that are uncommon in some areas of the country. To get started, simply narrow down your search by selecting log homes that you like the most. Log homes are categorized into two. These are the handcrafted and the milled log homes. The following is a guideline on how to choose the best category of log home for your living. Handcrafted log homes are the simplest mainly because they were manually constructed by carpenters. In these kinds of log homes, the logs are carefully stacked until a wall is created which should become a part of the house. The more common kind of log home which is the milled log home is more popular because of the way it is created which is more refined than handcrafted ones. There is a huge different between the two kinds of log homes. The labor that is required to create a handcrafted home is more intense than the milled one. Larger logs are mostly used to create the handcrafted log homes. Milled log homes are more popular in many places nowadays. Many handcrafted log homes are constructed through the use of round logs. Round chinking can also be noticed to fill the gap of the stacked logs. Fortunately, things are made easier through the use of an acrylic compound that expands or contracts many kinds of woods. This product is carefully applied to certain areas of the log in a striping manner. In many cases, milled log homes are not chinked in any fashion.
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The appearance of your log home will greatly affect how people see you in the neighborhood. Make sure that you choose the right kind of wood for the construction of your log home. Handcrafted homes have logs that come in different diameters.
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After getting the right amount of logs, you or an expert will then carefully stack the logs until a structure has been created. Milled logs are easier to stack though, if you want to go for milled log homes. It is important to note that milled log homes are not as appealing as handcrafted homes. Although milled logs are more refined than handcrafted ones, a manually constructed log home looks more appealing than milled ones. If you are looking for a geometric interior design for a log home, it is best that you go for milled log homes. Simply go for log home builders to create your ideal log home in just a matter of days. Make sure that you already have a lot to build your ideal log home.