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Easy DIY Methods to Keep Pest Away.

When one discovers that they have a pest problem in their homes they also struggle with the fact that they have to use environmentally harsh chemicals to deal with this mess. However , one can create simple, less toxic and less costly remedies to deal with this menace.

Pests can be kept away by ensuring your home is always clean. Cleaning up food crumbs after every meal helps to keep pests away. It is easy to make a cleaning spray made of half water and vinegar.

Covering all foods and drinks, covering the rubbish bins and regularly taking out the garbage are some of the basic principles that should be adopted to keep pests away.

Keep the gardens blooming with home-made sprays. Brightening the garden with sprays that are home-made. The use of home-made sprays to enhance the look of your garden.

People with gardens often spend much in terms of time and finances to ensure they look good. It is very painful therefore to see pests destroying these gardens. There are some simple DIY sprays that one can make in the home by boiling and blending garlic, mint leaves and a dash of cayenne pepper.

After boiling and blending allow the mix to settle before spraying on the plants. using pepper in any spray is an effective method of keeping the pest away.

To deal with the ant menace in your home simply using coffee grinds with a mixture of borax, sugar and water. Sprinkling coffee grinds on window sills and along the door can help keep ants away from these places.

Essential oils are often used for relaxation and health reasons but they can also be used for deterring pests. to help keep spiders and ant away for example.

Mixing 2 1/2 teaspoons of an essential oil with one cup of vodka can make a very effective pest spray. One can constantly use this mixture around the house and garden as a way of keeping pests away.

Flies and fruit flies can be a big problem especially at the onset of summer. You will need to handle this problem by pouring a small amount of apple cider vinegar in a container. Make sure that bugs can get in the container but cannot get out.

Another method is to cover a container with plastic wrap and then pole holes in the wrap. When you stop the constant buzzing of fruit flies around the plant, the plant grows happy and healthy.

In the event that these five DIY methods fail to work it would be important to call for the pest exterminator.